Office Keyboards

The requirements on desktop keyboards for office use varie and are always changing

The requirements on desktop keyboards for office use varie and are always changing. In the early years of the computer a keyboard had to be more closely like a manual typewriter to be accepted by the user. High actuation force, a long contact travel and a loud actuation sound were positive features of a keyboard. In today's open-plan offices keyboards have to be quiet and noiseless. Many low noise keyboards are just greased and become noisy over time. Active Key strikes a new path while using the latest innovations in key techniques. Active Key is using the „Scissor Balancing” technology where every key is guided by a scissor module. The noise when the key is pressed down is history now. A keyboard should also have a low actuation force to avoid RSI (= Repetitive Strain Injury-Syndrome). „Scissor Balancing” has an alternative guidance which made the low operation force possible. Our portfolio offers a variety of space saving, fast and comfortable solutions. 
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Washable Keyboard


  • Easy to Clean
  • For 100% Flushing and Washing
  • Inured to Immersion (IP68)
  • Key Field with Drainage System
  • Flat, Ergonomic Design
  • Article-No.: AK-8000
Programmable Keyboard


  • programmable compact keyboard with 135 keys
  • configuration software included
  • 31 free programmable keys
  • Up to 8 Layers
  • 1 USB Port for additional devices
  • Model No.: AK-S7002-UW


  • Industry reinforced PC keyboard
  • Compact, space efficient design
  • Detachable cable with RJ45 connector
  • 18 relegendable keys
  • Soft Tactile Key Actuation
  • USB or PS/2 Interface


  • Article-No.: AK-7000
  • Low Profile (appr. 18 mm)
  • Joined Numeric Pad
  • 103 (US) / 104 (Country Versions) Keys
  • Ergonomic Soft Tactile Key Actuation
  • Easy to clean


  • Compact Keyboard Full Size Keycaps
  • Notebook Style Layout
  • Space Saving Design
  • Scissor Balancing Technology Key Guiding
  • Full Size Keycaps (19 mm)


Henning Lotterud
PM Maritime- & Industrial-IT