18.5" WXGA Industrial Monitor with PCAP Touch Control, Direct VGA, and DVI Ports

The FPM-7181W is an industrial-grade, widescreen monitor with sleek, simple lines and a true-flat touchscreen. Equipped with PCAP 10-point multi-touch control and an IP66-rated
front bezel, FPM-7181W is designed for intuitive operation in harsh industrial environments. Moreover, FPM-7181W supports a range of mount options to ensure easy, single-person

  •  18.5" WXGA TFT LED LCD
  •  16:9 widescreen aspect ratio, increases viewing area by 40%
  •  Supports 10-point multi-touch control via USB interface in Windows 7/8 OS
  •  Slim design enables easy installation
  •  Supports various mount options: panel, wall, desktop, and VESA arm
  •  Touchscreen with reliable glass surface and PCAP touch control
  •  Robust system with SECC chassis and IP66-rated magnesium alloy front panel
  •  OSD control buttons on rear panel
  •  Lockable I/O connectors





Henning Lotterud
PM Maritime- & Industrial-IT