Durapixel DLD7502-LNU

75” TFT LCD, 5000 nits LED backlight, UHD(3840x2160)

The DLD7502-LNU is a 75 inch industrial grade sunlight readable LCD, with high brightness 5000 nits and
high color saturation, it produce sharp images, crisp text and lifelike colors. The Durapixel LED backlight
technology ensures high reliability and low power consumption, suitable for outdoor application, kiosk,
factory automation, military, transportation and gaming application.

  • High Brightness 5000 nits
  • Resolution 3840x2160
  • Sunlight Readable
  • LED Backlight
  • Local Dimming
  • Low Power Consumption
  • LCD Blacking Defect Free (Hi-Tni 110℃)BL MTBF: 10,000 hours


Henning Lotterud
PM Maritime- & Industrial-IT