HMI Starter kit

Special starter kit for your first automation project. Ultra-compact programmable controller with 2 Ethernetports & FTP server-client function. Ethernet-capable touch panel with gateway to Corvina Cloud. Compact touch panel with the ability of connecting up to 31 stations serially.

Compact PLC FP0H

  • Very compact design
  • 2 Ethernet ports
  • Control of up to 4 axes
  • 16 inputs and outputs
  • FTP server-client function
  • Various network protocols
  • SNTP, Ethernet/IP/DHCP


Starter kit, FP0HHMe04

  • Ethernet port
  • Bright 4 inch display with 64K color depth
  • 2 GB flash memory and USB port
  • Gateway to Corvina Cloud
  • Free programming software available for download


Starter kit, FP0HGT707

  • 7 inch display with little space requirements
  • 65,536 color display
  • High-resolution TFT color display
  • Communication is possible with up to 31 stations



Jan Egil Førland
Computer Engineer, PM Computer & Network